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Upselling subscriptions on Shopify with Upsell Wizard
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Upselling subscriptions is one of the best methods to increase recurring revenue for merchants on Shopify, and it's never been easier. In late 2020, Shopify added support for subscriptions and allowed 3rd party apps to integrate with Shopify Checkout for the first time. Suddenly, Shopify subscription apps like PayWhirl could integrate seamlessly with merchants existing products, themes, customer portals, and checkout to create a much better experience overall.

Subscriptions for Shopify

Previously, subscription apps had to use their own systems to manage all aspects of subscriptions on Shopify, which made for a disjointed experience.


Shopify focused on the "Subscribe & Save" use case in their subscription rollout, commonly seen on Amazon and other major retailers, because it adds significant value for customers and merchants. Customers can automatically receive products at the frequencies they want (weekly, monthly, etc.) without repeating transactions, and merchants can build new recurring revenue streams for their businesses. 


It's a win-win situation, and Shopify merchants are beginning to realize there is little downside to providing subscription purchase options for their customers.


How to upsell and cross-sell subscriptions on Shopify

The first step is to install a subscription app for Shopify. We recommend PayWhirl Subscriptions because it integrates seamlessly with Shopify and Upsell Wizard. Together, these apps open up a world of possibilities to help increase your recurring revenue by enabling you to upsell, cross-sell, and bundle subscription options with existing products. PayWhirl (and Upsell Wizard) also have free plans and free trials on premium plans so you can get started for little to no investment. 


Upselling subscriptions on Shopify


After you've configured your subscription options with PayWhirl, you can create offer funnels with Upsell Wizard to remind customers they can save money by selecting subscription options on product pages, in the cart, or post-purchase after they've checked out. 

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Please let us know if you have any questions. We're happy to help!

The Upsell Wizard Team

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